Igor Doesn’t Know His Cultural Geography [Living in an Obama Nation]

As a follow-up to my previous post, I just looked at Igor’s prognostication again and noticed a couple of funny things. Here is his map of the Divided States of America following the collapse of the USA some time in 2010.

Parts of this map just make me laugh. For starters, he seems to think that Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Carolinas have more in common with the Northeast than the Deep South. That’s just plain silly. All of those states (and Southern Virginia) would join the newly reborn Deep South (they always said it would rise again), consisting of Mississippi eastward with parts of south Florida protesting vociferously.

Texas would probably annex New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana (if they’re lucky!). My guess is that the Interior West (Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado) would become its own region as well (with all of the sane people in California, Washington, and Oregon modifying the 19th century slogan to “Go East, Young Man”).

I’m not sure how the Central Plains and Midwest would shake out, though I doubt that they would constitute one large region. Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia have more in common with Ohio than with the East Coast. It’s possible that Arizona and New Mexico would join with the Interior West rather than with California and Texas.

But perhaps the funniest thing about this prediction is the idea that Russia, China, Mexico, Canada, and Europe would be so unaffected by the collapse of the United States that they would be able to exercise “influence” over the reconstituted regional republics. Mark my words: If the US goes down, those other countries will be too busy worrying about their own issues to exercise influence over anybody. If anything, these new American Republics would be exercising influence over their neighbors.

So what do you think? Do I have my cultural geography down? Or do you foresee other combinations? And perhaps the kicker: after everything sorted itself out, would the division of the country into autonomous regional republics be a good thing or a bad thing?